Here you will find all publications related to the project.

Ervin Bossanyi from DNV GL has made a good overview of wind farm control. Find it here.
Kheirabadi and Nakamune did an excellent review of wind farm control.


Journal articles


Publications in conference proceedings

  • Schoot, W., de Boer, W. & Bossanyi, E.
    Grid Frequency Stability with Wind Power: Irish Case Study Using a New Closed Loop simulation Environment. Proceedings of the 19th Wind Integration Workshop, 2020
  • Das, K., D.H. Minguijon, & N.A. Cutululis
    Optimization of reactive power dispatch in offshore wind power plants. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (not yet published, to be in 2020)
  • Mikkelsen, T., M. Sjöholm, P. Astrup, A. Pena, G. Larsen, M.F. van Dooren, A.P. Kidambi Sekar
    Lidar Scanning of Induction Zone Wind Fields over Sloping Terrain. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (not yet published)
  • Meng, F., A. W. H. Lio & J. Liew
    The effect of minimum thrust coefficient control strategy on power output and loads of a wind farm. (not yet published)

  • Lio, A. W. H. & F. Meng
    Effective wind speed estimation for wind turbines in down-regulation. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (not yet published)


Abstracts for conferences


Oral presentations/posters at conferences/workshops
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