Progress Workshop December 2020

The TotalControl project presents the first results and datasets on a workshop on 10 December 2020.

The EU funded TotalControl project aims at maximizing yield, reducing loads and reducing operating costs of wind power plants by coordinated control of the turbines. Nearly 3 years into the project, the team of 8 partners from industry and academia will present results and progress, useful for other researchers and future operations.

The controller development starts with high resolution numerical simulations by KU Leuven and DTU, applied to a novel reference wind farm. From those, simpler flow models are developed like KU Leuvens Three Layer Model, which (in contrast to the high resolution models) can be run in real time. Those simpler models allow controller development, both for the flow of the wind through the wind farm, where downregulation or yaw steering of front turbines can steer the wind field to reach all turbines, or for the electrical system, where control of the reactive power can reduce losses. Additionally loads on the turbines can be alleviated. To test the validity of our assumptions during the modelling phase, we also have two experimental campaigns, one testing the flow in the Lillgrund wind power plant between Copenhagen and Malmö, and one at ORE Catapult’s test turbine. Both experiments relied on lidars.

The complete workshop is on YouTube.


13:30 Gunner Larsen, DTU Wind Energy: Overview of TotalControl aims and progress

13:45 Elliot Simon, DTU Wind Energy: Full-Scale Measurements at Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm

14:00 Johan Meyers, KU Leuven: High-fidelity wind-farm simulations and data sets

14:15 Ervin Bossanyi, DNV GL: Field testing of controller enhancements on the 7MW Levenmouth demonstration turbine

14:30 Anand Natarajan, DTU Wind Energy: Surrogate modelling

14:45 Karl Merz, SINTEF: A linear state observer for the design of wind power plant control algorithms

15:00 Q&A

15:30 Close (in time for the certification workshop of the FarmConners project)
6 JUNE 2023