Models and tools for WPPC design and testing

Work package leader: Johan Meyers, KUL

The aim of this work package is the development and validation of appropriate end-to-end WPP simulation models that cover the whole chain from flow model over aero-elastic model to power-grid model. This also includes an experimental field campaign on the Lillgrund wind farm for the generation of the validation reference data. Next to that an existing data set on the Lillgrund wind farm is also avilable (though with less flow-data information). 

A range of models is required, i.e. models for controller design and virtual testing as well as control models for incorporation in the open loop controllers used in WP2. Models for design and testing need to be accurate, but are slow, and require high computational resources. Control models need to be fast, but may lack accuracy when not regularly updated with online measurement input. Most of the testing and design models considered in this work package are existing state-of-of-the-art models available at the different partners that require relatively minor extensions next to interfaces that allow for coupled simulations.

The high-fidelity virtual testing models will be validated against the field data from the Lillgrund wind farm. The design and control models in turn are validated both against the measurements, and against additional data sets generated by the high-fidelity models.

Overall goal:

  • Develop appropriate control models for other WP's
  • Set up of virtual testing environment that can be used in other WP's
16 AUGUST 2022